Always a Classic

Always a Classic

Once a Classic always a Classic, The 1974 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super C10


The development of this new third-generation chevy pick up began in 1968. The redesign was revolutionary in appearance at the time, particularly the cab, departing from typical American pickup truck designs of the era. GM’s official “Rounded-Line” moniker highlighted the pickup’s rounded styling cues that were incorporated into the design. This included rounded windshield corners, rounded corners of the cab roof, rounded-corner doors which cut high into the cab roof eliminating roof height, slanted front fenders, and rounded pickup box corners which allowed for rounded wraparound tail lamps, a first for GM pickups. Which brings us to Jabbar AL Aradi story on how he ended up with such a beast here in Bahrain.


From a young age Jabbar was used to being driven around in his brother’s 1969 Camaro, and so it was almost written in the stars that he would become an addict of Classic cars. When he grew up he brought his first classic, a 1981 Camaro, which he had a good two years’ worth of use out of before moving onwards and upwards to where his collection began. Through the years Jabber has owned many classics, including a Mustang Corvette Trans am.


After a break from collecting he was once again seduced into purchasing the beauty you see here today. He had never owned a classic truck and his neighbour suggested he tried it out, Jabber told us that from that day on he knew it had to be his. He begged and pleaded for two years to buy the car from his neighbour, until eventually he gave in.


Jabber has made slight modification’s to the truck including a new Engine LS1 exhaust system as well as new wooding to the car bed and the AC has been retrofitted to a new system which means this truck makes a prefect daily driver out here in Bahrain. He has also participated in Bahrain National Day show with his truck as well as the Kuwait National Days and is one of the Bahrain Classic Cars members.

The truck itself was brought straight over to Bahrain from Carolina, its come with a 5.7 LS1 stock engine with full exhaust system and the 4L60 transmission has a shift kit which gives it added performance. The front end has been lowered with 3” CPP lowering springs and has new shocks, and the rear suspension has been lowered with a Bell Tech flip kit and also has air shocks in the rear.  This baby rides on 7x15 and 8x15 truck rallies with 235/60/15 and 275/60/15. From 1968, threw 1974, to 2017 this is and always will be a stunning classic to behold.


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