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Bringing 1992 into 2017

Before Nissan’s widely-acclaimed 350z, there was the 300ZX. Sold within the Japanese domestic market under the name ‘Fairlady Z’, this beauty certainly has all the right curves in all the right places. Nearly 25 years on, this tuner car has lost none of its dream-worthy charm.


Your Name:

Ali Ebrahim

Car Make and Model:

Nissan ZX300 TT

Year of the Car:


What cars have you previously owned?

I use to own a GTR33.

Have you modified any previous cars, or is this your first?

This is my first modification project.

Why this car?

It has a really unique design, that’s what attracted me to it.

How does your car differ from others in the range?

Its the only ZX300 with fully modified original VG30DETT engine that hadn’t been thrown in the trash or been swapped with a 2JZ.

Did you buy this car with the intention of modifying it?

100% YES!!

How long have you had the car, and how long before you decided and started the modification process?

I have it 7 years now and I started to modification process about 2 years ago.

Why did you decided to modify it?

I had always dreamt about owning a high horse power car that is beautiful inside and out.


Talk us through how you have modified the car in terms of speed, power and appearance?

Engine list


Trust grex 89mm pistons

Tomei heads gaskets

Tomei 260 deg camshafts

Tomei spring valve

Tomei solid lifters

Tomei adjustable cams gear

ACL bearings

ARP head studs

Sard 850cc fuel injectors

Splitfire ignition coils

OS gain twin plates clutch

Greddy TD05 turbos

Trust 38mm wastegates

HKS ssqv blow off valves

Haltech platinum 1000 ecu

Tuned by QTS performance


Blitz RS suspension

Tien rods

cusco strud bar


Greddy style front bumper

Volk rays te37 19” wheels

Custom front and side splitters

Custom rear diffuser

Full borla exhuast system 2.5”


Custom rollecage by KRT garage

Momo steering wheel

Autometer guage boost & AEM wideband

Kenwood sound system


Where have you got the majority of the parts from?

Pretty much everything has come from ordering online.

What modification did you do at a garage? Did you do any yourself?

None!!! The entire thing has been fully built by me at home. Very proud!!

Have you encountered any problems whist modifying the car? If so what? and how did you over come them?

No modification process is straight forward, there are always challenge’s to face until you reach you target but the lesson I have learnt is to never give up on something you love.

What is the before and after affects?

There is a huge difference in acceleration & overall drivability. As the car goes to boost you really feel the power of the v6.

What’s the max speed the car is capable of?


If you don’t mind saying roughly how much have you spent doing this car up?

8000 BHD

How much time have you spent on this car? And has it been an enjoyable project?

An uncountable amount of time but it has been the best time, I really enjoy my life, and I’ve loved every second of this project.


How is the car to drive now compared to how it was before?

Before the car was fast, but driving it now its like it fly’s.

Do you ever race this car? Or is it more of a show piece?

Yes I race it from time to time.

Would you do this again? with another car and modify it? If so, what car? and what mods?

Yes, if the money allow I would modify a GTR34.

If money was no object what would be your dream modification project?




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