If there’s one thing that can be said for sure, there comes a time in pretty much every biker’s riding life where he or she begins to question the inherent madness of their machine – be it a chromed-out top-heavy cruiser, or a carbon-fiber clad, feather-weight top-speed machine. Both of those bikes specialize in a particular method of moving man and machine, and sometimes, it’s necessary to find some middle ground.


That’s where bikes like this here Yamaha FZ09 come into play; marrying the docile-agility of a superbike, with the relaxed-cruise-ability of a cruiser, this is a motorcycle that could be best described as the balance in the riding world. The FZ-09 comes equipped with an 847cc liquid-cooled, in-line 3-cylinder, DOHC, 12-valve engine with fuel injection and comes mated to a six-speed gearbox. The FZ-09 is equipped with Yamaha’s D-MODE (“Drive Mode”) variable throttle control system to allow the rider to choose the optimum engine character for their riding situation. The rider can choose from three throttle valve control maps (Standard Mode, “A” Mode, and “B” Mode) for different performance characteristics at the push of a button. STD Mode is set to accommodate a wide range of riding conditions, for a linear torque feeling from low speeds all the way up to high speeds. A-Mode gives the rider a sharper throttle response in the low-to mid-rpm range than the STD Mode, while B-Mode lets the rider enjoy milder throttle response.


Owner Joshi Jayan is a hardcore biker at heart and has been riding since 1997, elected to get this stunning blue-hued fighter in lieu of a superbike. He’s owned a 2000 600CC Honda F4i, and a 2008 Yamaha YZF R1 in the past.  “I love the fact that it has such great throttle response owing to its 847CC inline-3 configuration, and that makes it pretty torquey and a lot of fun to ride!” says Joshi.


“Furthermore, I love the fact that it has a straight handle bar which allows for comfortable handling and of course the seating position is great for my back as opposed to the position on a superbike” he adds. “Overall the FZ-09 checked all the right boxes on my shopping list since I wanted a bike that would be comfortable as well as with loads of power to play with” says Joshi.


Mods List:

  • Full System SC Project Exhaust
  • Nitro Sport Shock Absorber
  • GPR V4s Stabilizer kit
  • Pirelli Rosso-2 tires

As far as future plans go, I’m going to be hanging on to this bike for as long as I can – especially since I just bought it very recently!” says Joshi.


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  1. I was the guy that iwned this lovely bike from jew…. And fid all the mods – it has far more than you listed- carbon belly pan / memory seat / carboN fairing / race levers / LED INDICATORS AND TAIL TIDY// painted clour coded wheels / R&G crash protection

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