Cat out of Hell

Cat out of Hell

Osama Al-Rumaihi talks modifications on his Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT


It’s very rare that we feature a modified car mid modification. And we are very strict on how we choose a car worthy of this section, for example a new exhaust or new set of tires just wont cut it, and it definitely won’t keep you motor heads satisfied. But every now and then…we need to break the rules…every now and then a car comes along that forces us to throw out the rule book, and feature a mid-mod car. This month happens to be the month we feature such a car. Read on and I think you guys will understand where we are coming from.

What cars have you previously owned?

Megane RS, Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione, BMW 3.0CS, BMW 2800, BMW E36 M3

Have you modified any of them before?

Yes, I have! I love changing my cars to give them a unique style that represents my personality. I believe cars are more than what most people take them for and represent your personality sort of like a business card.

Why did you decide to buy this car in particular?

I really never intended on buying a Hellcat. I had my eyes set on the Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio but the local dealership couldn’t tell me when one would be available in Bahrain. I needed a car quickly because I had just moved back here. I walked around a couple of showrooms and finally stumbled upon this car. It was love at first sight! I’ve always had a weakness for American muscle and since I’ve lived most of my life in Europe they are still a novelty to me. I’ve never had a car with a big engine like this before because of the gas prices in Europe. It simply is too expensive to run, so I told myself that this is probably one of the last opportunities I’d have to own a car like this so I pulled the trigger and till this day I am very happy that I did.


How does it differ to other’s in the Dodge range?

The competition doesn’t offer this amount of power. If you would want to buy another car with similar power you would be spending ten times more! It’s an absolute bargain with the best horsepower to dollars spent ratio. The Hellcat is the top of the line model with a supercharged 6.2 litre V8 with 707 horsepower. It’s ridiculous and that’s why I absolutely love it. When it comes to American muscle no other car can claim that kind of power!

Did you buy the hellcat with the intention of modifying it?

No I did not intend to modify the car. I don’t think anyone intends on doing that with these vehicles. How crazy do you have to be to ask for more power? The problem with power freaks is that you always want more. You get used to the speed and you need the dopamine to hit again, the same feeling you had when you first gunned the car. That wears off quicker than you think!

How long did you own the car then before you decided to start modifying it?

I have had the car now for only half a year and have just started the modification process. I have been thinking of modding it for a while I just wasn’t sure on what I wanted to do. I like it when everything comes together and makes sense and that takes a lot of planning!


Ok so what was it in the end that convinced you to modify this bad boy?

As I mentioned earlier I wanted my car to be unique. Anyone can go and buy a White Pearl Hellcat and it will look exactly like mine and that’s why! Everyone has their own style; their own flavour, I just decided to express mine with my ride. I named the car Snowcat, and Snowcat isn’t your average Hellcat I can tell you that!


So What modifications are you in the process of doing and why?

Right now these are the parts that are either on the car or are on their way. I think a lot of people can relate when it comes to how long things sometimes take to build and ship from the United States. Most of the mods I am doing now are support modifications so that I can go even more crazy in the future. This will provide me a base to work with in case I decide to give it a little more power. The engine is already extremely powerful but I just want to squeeze out that little extra that Dodge locked away. My goal is to have the fastest hellcat in the Middle East or at least the most powerful street legal Challenger.

The headers will have a white ceramic coating which helps push the hot air out and also provides a great visual effect as they will color match the car. I don’t think I have ever seen or heard of a Challenger with a titanium exhaust so this may even be a first. The car stock can do almost 320km/h which is quite frankly insane. The new lighter drive shaft will mitigate spinning mass and also withstand hard launches with the extra power. The new gearing will allow the car to launch harder on the drag strip while the new lighter drive shaft will mitigate spinning mass and also withstand hard launches with the extra power. All of this tied to a smaller pulley that changes the spinning ratio of the supercharger to get more air into the engine while the injectors spit more fuel. We are expecting some healthy performance figures!!



Where are you planning on getting these mods installed?

It will be a long process but I do believe I am on the right track. I care about every modification on the car and have done thorough research with Salah Salahuddin from SMS Design and Performance to release the full potential of this monster. All of the modifications will be installed by SMS Garage given they have a lot of experience with these sort of projects. I highly enjoy going over to their amazing shop and talking to people who love cars just as much as me, while also having a coffee.


What future mods do you plan on making?

In the future I plan to do an exterior body kit to widen the car. Which will then push me to add wider wheels for a more aggressive stance. I also have a few interior modifications planned including alcantara, carbon fiber materials and an upgraded stereo system. The whole process is quite expensive but I would rather spend the money I saved buying this car than buy something more expensive and keeping it stock!

When will enough be enough?

I believe that when you start modifying your car you never stop. There is always something you can change and that is very true when it comes to the Dodge Challenger. The aftermarket is so big that there will always be something new, different, or interesting to think about getting for Snowcat.

Do you ever race this car? Or is it more of a show piece?

I have taken the car on the track pre-mods so I would like to see how the car behaves when the modifications come in. I will most definitely race the car at the beginning until I get the body kit on. Cars like this need to be driven... otherwise what is the point?!

What’s your dream modification project?

If money was no object, my dream modification project would be to make the ultimate sleeper. A car with 2000hp that looks rusty and boring from the outside. This car would be the first project where I do visual modification because I was always a performance sort of guy. Maybe I am just getting older haha!

Would you do the modification process again? With another car?

Yes! I would! When I bought the car I was having second thoughts about whether I wanted to modify this car or sell it and do something else but now I am 100% sure. I wouldn’t change the Snowcat for any car!


Do you have any advice for our readers that may be looking to modify their cars?

My advice for people wanting to modify their car is the following. Do your research! Go to forums, search online, speak to people who have the same car and keep asking questions. Ask people about where to modify... people who have experience but also speak to parts companies. Once you have enough information you can decide yourself what you want to do and how you want to do it. If you still aren’t sure then do it again and be sure. Also be ready to spend a lot of money on parts, labour and on things breaking. I wouldn’t advise modifying your daily driver.


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