Out of the box

Out of the box

1979 Chevy Silvarado Pick up


Pulling up to the location of the photo-shoot, you cannot help be in awe of Adnan M Al Saba beautifully renovated 1979 Chevy Silverado pick up truck. Its stands out for miles and is literally in mint condition. This is the third-generation of pick up trucks by Chevy which ran from the years 1973 to 1987. This body shape is colloquially known as the “Square-body” or “Box-body” generation, and at the time was unlike anything else ever seen on the roads.


Adnan tells me he has owned this bucksome beauty for six years. He purchased it all the way from America in a terrible condition and has completely rebuilt it piece by piece using all original parts imported from the US. It has been a labour of love and has cost him over BD4000 to restore. Everything from the suspension to the engine and the interior has been completely replaced. The entire process took about a year to complete. It was a project of pleasure and enjoyment. As a mechanic Adnan says he has faced no issues with the restoration, and ensured me its more of a hobby then a job. He chose the Silverado over other classic cars because he really loves the shape and style of the pick up, it’s a practical car. He has previously restored a similar model and so he knew what he was doing with this second restoration. Although Adnan doesn’t restore the cars with the intent to sell them on, he does tell me that if the price is right he is willing and open to the idea!! The new 350 engine fitted in this model helps the Chevy gain speeds of up to 160-170 KPH, which also helps with the trips and tours Adnan takes it on, and he cannot help but enjoy the stares and comments he gets when driving by. Not only is this classic a sight to behold, its also a very comfortable and practical drive.





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