Putting the Z in Zen

Putting the Z in Zen

Sayed Mohd Majeed Mahdi modified 2007 Nissan Z350

Over the last few years, Nissan’s 2007 350Z has managed to retain the excitement of the original Z car. The 350Z is one of the few affordable sports cars that were offered as either a coupe or convertible. The car’s styling was notable, handling taut, and power ample. Few other cars on the market have made such claims, while still being an honest-to-goodness sports car. The 350Z, received several exterior, interior, and mechanical changes for 2006, so the only real difference for the 2007 model resided under the hood. The latest iteration of the VQ engine (the same one used in the much-loved INFINITI G35) replaced the earlier year’s V6.


For the 2007 model year, the 350Z was again moderately revised. The VQ35DE V6 was replaced with a new VQ35HR V6. This raised the redline to 7500 rpm and produced a lot more torque across the rpm range. The hood was redesigned with a bulge reminiscent of the original 240Z to accommodate the raised deck height of the new VQ35HR. In appreciation for this revved up model, Arabia Motors met up with new modifier Sayed Mohd Majeed Mahdi and got to know just how he ventured into re-designing his bold beauty, the Nissan Z350.

Have you modified any previous cars, or is this your first?

No, I haven’t modified any cars before, this is my first experience and I’ve really enjoyed it.

How does your car differ from others in the range, before modification?

To start off with my car was no different to the other ‘Z’ models available. What made it stand out to me was the fact that it was a convertible and in Bahrain it’s quite rare to find that in this particular model.

Did you buy this car with the intention of modifying it?

When I purchased my car, I had no intention of modifying it. It never really crossed my mind to do that. You could say some funny occurrences happened which lead me to that decision.

How long have you had the car, and how long before you decided and started the modification process?

I bought the car around two years ago, I’d only had it for about a month before I decided to vamp it up to fit my own tastes. And so began my automotive journey towards modification and customisation.

Why did you decided to modify it?

Well that’s a funny story actually. I have a young son and most parents will understand this, kids love to draw on everything! Including cars! One day he took it upon himself to draw a picture of his dreams and dedicate his masterpiece to ‘daddy’s little car’! The clincher is the fact that he used a small rock as his drawing tool and my car was the canvas. I then of course had to paint over it and from there on the modifications started.

Where have you got the majority of the parts from?

You can easily find parts for the Nissan Z. So many outlets in Bahrain have them available. I’ve been lucky enough to have my own team and many supportive friends who have helped me out immensely with this project.


What modification did you do at a garage and what garage? Did you do any yourself?

I did buy a few parts myself but ultimately it was all down to teamwork. They have been amazing with their unique customs and are a major reason for why my car has turned out the way it has! A.M 1 Customs are truly the best at what they do. For any people looking for a cool place to spice up their rides please check out the A.M 1 Custom shop in Al Daih.

Have you encountered any problems whilst modifying the car? If so how did you overcome them?

I can thankfully say ‘al humdallah’. Having an awesome team, we all worked very hard together in making sure we achieved the best results with the modifications. With a little dedication we were able to overcome any problems quite easily and successfully.

What is the before and after effects of the modification?

The car definitely gets a lot more attention than it used to! With this type of customisation I have been able to participated in so many of the car shows hosted in Bahrain. Its good fun and I get to show off my car alongside other creative modifiers on the island.

What’s the max speed the car is capable of now?

It currently reaches up to 260 khm

If you don’t mind saying roughly how much have you spent doing this car up?

Around BHD 2000, and its been worth every Dinar.

How much time have you spent on this car? And has it been an enjoyable project?

It’s a continual process. New ideas come up and we go along with them. It’s all part
of the fun. We either change or modify a part depending on what we think needs updating. Everything is always enjoyable, especially when we’re working on something completely new!

How does the car drive in comparison to how it was before? Is it comfortable to drive?

There is a noticeable change in the way the car drives now. On all fronts it’s sportier, faster and drifts to perfection. I would say it’s a real JDM show car. With all those extra improvements it most definitely is an enjoyable ride.

Do you plan to make future modifications to this car, if so what?

That goes without saying. There are plenty of mods I’d like to add, but for now I think a turbo project to add some power to the engine will be nice.


Do you ever race this car? Or is it more of a show piece? How often do you drive it?

No, I can’t say that I have. But I have been known to do some pulls with friends. I see it more like a show piece and the type of car you enjoy when your out with friends. I don’t really want to damage it with racing.

Would you do this again with another car and modify it?

Yes, I want to get the big brother of cars. The distinguished GTR. It’s the alpha project of my dreams, one I hope will come true one day.

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about modifying their car?

Always think every thing through before making big decisions, always consider the advice of others.


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