The Arriza 5 has Arrived

The Arriza 5 has Arrived

We Test Drive the best 'bang for buck' Chery on the market!

Chery Arrizo 5 has quickly become a favourite out there in the world of reasonably priced cars for its dynamics, trendiness and sense of technology. And so here at Arabia Motors we wanted to give it a go and see what allthe fuss was about.


Based on Chery’s world-class technical platform, the Arrizo 5 uses professional kinetic chassis tuning technology from Germany, and is designed in accordance with C-NCAP five-star safety standards. Moreover ithas all the modern technology you wouldn’t normally expect to see in a car with such a low price point…#BONUS

Exterior Highlights

Grille design

Chery’s made a point of fitting a unified design style to its complete product line, in order to strengthen brand recognition.

Exterior line design

The exterior modelling adopts a special metal folding technique, which is not only artistic but also strengthens the safety aspect.

External lights design

Slender shape headlamps are complemented with a soothing style line. The white light eyebrow design and light guide banding width lamp works harmoniously with the flying - wing style taillight design. The integrated lens headlamp’s come with a guide me home function.

German Bentler Chassis set-up

German Bentler usually work with luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Porsche on their chassis set-up. Meaning theARRIZO 5 has an incredibly well designed chassis, that we would usually see on the likes of these higher end cars. It features precision steering, ride comfort, as well as stable, strong driving capability with anti-roll features.

Cage-type body design

In cars that are small, safety  happens to be one of the primary concerns for would be buyers. Chery apparently had that figured out and as a result went out of its way to ensure the safest occupancy environment possible in its class. The cage body design protects drivers and passenger’s safety from all 360 degrees’. High-strength steel covers over 60% of the vehicle. Super high-strength thermal-forming steel is applied in left and right columns A and B, as well as anti-collision plate’s inside the frontal doors. Themaximum effective yield strength of the steel reaches a whopping 1500Mpa. Competitors will have an uphill task when it comes to matching that!


 Interior Highlights

Style for interior design

Cool black interior design reflects sports style; with light interior design reflecting a comfortable home style. Cars this size and class can't really be opulent, but cozy they can be!

Console integration T shape design

The console takes on a T shape design giving the driver a lot of room to play with. The air conditioner outlet’s have a baking finish technique and are silver chrome plated. We thought it to be a stylish detail complemented by trimming stripes which indicate more of a sense of technology.

Double-barrel multi-functional dashboard

It's all efficient and soft on the eye. The double barrel-type design, features an ergonomic instrument panel as both the speed-o-meter and tach are accompanied by a delicate orange-red glow.

Multifunction steering wheel

The steering wheel provides a left and right button control area, allowing for easy access when changing volume, and controlling Bluetooth while driving.

Engineered Seats

Optimum ride comfort seat design with double-deck foam, six direction adjustment, PUMP heighten adjustment and French stitching.

The Engine bit


ARRIZO 5 powered by a four cylinder 1.5L MT (multi thread) engine mated to a CVT gearbox. Result? ample power, lower fuel consumption and smoother drive. All that is wrapped in American 3M high thickness, sound insulation cotton, effective isolation and absorption of all sounds generated from the outside and inside of the car.


Safety Airbag

The airbag system stems from Sweden autoliv, which is the top manufacturer for "vehicle occupant protection systems". The car also comes equipped with the ever irritating yet helpful seat belt reminder and front row pre-fasten action limited seat belts.

ESM Overspeed Alarm System

When exceeding the speed limit (not that we would ever do that!) the car will let off a warning alarm by both voice and sound to alert the driver.

Low rolling resistance tire

Clearly a lot of thought went into packaging this car, therefore you get special tires designed to reduce surface resistance and noise reduction.

Dynamic assisting parking camera

The dynamic assist parking camera display’s the rear image in three different colours to show the driver multiple preconceived problem areas within the reverse line.

The luxury

Key-free one button start system

One button start function, and an emergency start function even if the key is out of power.

Mobile phone interconnection

Two-way link via USB, WIFI, and mobile phone software mapping directly to console screen.

High efficiency air conditioning system

ARRIZO 5 is equipped with efficient air conditioning. From 50 degrees of high temperature testing, the internal temperature was able to cool down to 24~27°C within 10 minutes. The vertical air outlets at both ends of the console are closer to driver, making for a more comfortable ride at a quicker speed.

Generous interior space

ARRIZO 5 Interior design is impressive, with rear row leg space coming up to 919mm and knee space to 66mm, making it a spacious journey for taller passengers.

Abundant storage space

Capacity of trunk 430L, 24 storage space, making it easy to store items.


The Verdict

If you are looking for a budget car that offers comfort, style, safety and technology with an affordable price tag that lower end Korean cars offer then this is the car for you. A great daily driver, to get you where you want to go without paying crazy fuel prices. Besides its got beautiful exterior styling - so you're not exactly ashamed of stepping out of this car - plenty of room, and technological advances to boot. For the the BHD 3,990 PRICE TAG…we don't know what more you could want.


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