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MYDRIVE | Modified Ford Mustang Cobra

650RWHP of Home-Built Mammoth Muscle

Life is what you make it; this is a belief that many hold true, and even more so when it comes to cars. There are a lot of ways to have a quick and impressive set of wheels. Back in the day, the consensus was to buy something that had promising potential from the factory and then build it to a point where you were satisfied with the number of kills on the street, or the ET at the drag strip, or, if you were really minted, you could get something that had enough power to do all of the above right out of the showroom, like most people do today.

But what if you had none of those options? What if you were on a shoestring budget, or more apt to our story here, on a student budget; what are your options then? Well that was the very real dilemma that presented itself to our friend and all-round great guy Abdulmajeed AlAli here, when he was a student in the States.

“I bought this 2000 Mustang from an ex-girlfriend of mine since I wanted something sporty and it had to be cheap and a coupe” says Abdulmajeed with a smile, his cool demeanor belying the work that he had put into the car to get it to the shape it is in today.

And then he drops the equivalent of an automotive bombshell on us: “It was actually a benign V6!” says Abdulmajeed with a laugh, watching as our jaws drop to the asphalt.

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